Raffaele Nocera – History of successful neapolitan professional

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Professionalism, experience and high specialization in the field of subsidized finance: these are the peculiarities of Nocera Consulting, a highly qualified consultancy company, which in recent years has achieved important objectives in terms of eligibility for the “Rest in the South” call. Raffaele Nocera, founder of this young and dynamic reality, is a well-known chartered accountant and auditor from Naples, as well as a successful young entrepreneur, owner of the Boutique Hotel & Champagnerie il Salotto della Regina, of the B-Factory Restaurant, of prestigious Raphael Paris Bag and backpacks brands; a wonderful Drinkeria Champagnerie on the Naples waterfront named JOLIE ‘will soon open.

Dr. Nocera, can you tell us your story?

After earning a degree and a Masters in Management at the Luigi Bocconi University of Milan, I gained various experiences in prestigious consulting firms, both in Italy and abroad, and in particular in Madrid where I lived for about a year. The boundless love for my land, which gave birth to great artists and entrepreneurs, prompted me soon to return to my hometown, Naples, with a wealth of international experience that made me a visionary entrepreneur , forward-looking and open to the world. After winning the PhD in Economics and Public Administration Regulation, in 2011 I decided to found Nocera Consulting; a young and dynamic company – with offices in Naples, Casoria, Rome and Sofia (Bulgaria) – which in a short time affirmed its leadership in the field of Subsidized Finance, managing to increase its customer base thanks to a highly qualified consultancy service on the whole side of public and private financing to the company.

What is the company’s mission?

A premise appears necessary. In order to increase the competitiveness of the country system, to favor the development of new entrepreneurial activities and to support corporate investments in certain economic sectors, in recent years there has been a proliferation of various subsidized finance instruments and projects, whose sources derive from a rather articulated and complex ad hoc regulatory framework that you need to know perfectly. A regulatory framework that Nocera Consulting has made its own, with the aim of offering the best possible advice on the matter, supporting the companies during all the phases (from the request to the final disbursement of the loan) necessary to obtain and benefit from these concessions , whether they are community, national or regional.

What is the “Rest in the South” call? And why is it also very important in this field to rely on the advice of industry experts?

The Invitalia Call, which aims to incentivize young entrepreneurs not to leave their land, is an incentive that supports the birth of new entrepreneurial activities started by the under 45 in the southern regions with funding of up to 200 thousand euros and with a total initial financial endowment of 1,250 million. The loan covers 100% of the eligible expenses and consists of the non-refundable contribution equal to 35% of the total investment and the bank loan equal to 65% of the total investment, guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund for SMEs. However, the excessive bureaucratization especially of the reporting phase and nonetheless the regulatory complexity can represent an obstacle course for businesses and entrepreneurs; a path that can make access to these incentives difficult and incomprehensible, which instead requires the intervention of specialist and reliable skills, which is not easy to find on the market. Thanks to a competent multidisciplinary team, Nocera Consulting has quickly become the main point of reference in Southern Italy for this type of call. The results achieved testify, in fact, the goodness of his work: dozens and dozens of positive resolutions accepted have allowed many young people to start important business activities for the future of Southern Italy, betting on the socio-economic redemption of these territories.

Changing the subject, do you think the government was adequately close to Italian entrepreneurs during this unprecedented health emergency in history?

Even before the outbreak of this emergency, I was quite skeptical about the excessively welfare policy adopted by the government, which feeds unemployment and does not adequately reward entrepreneurs! Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in Economics in 1976, says that “if you pay people when they don’t work and you rate them when they work, you shouldn’t be surprised if you produce unemployment and not employment.” In this perspective, we should try to imagine a different, generative welfare where